Top Tourist Attractions in Jhalokati

Jhalokati is a well-known district headquarter in the southern part of Bangladesh. There are lots of historical tourist attractions, so, one can visit the district without hesitation. It is more 272 kilometers away from Dhaka and more than 682,669 people are living here.

  • Nurullahpur Math
  • Shiva Temple
  • Tomb of Angir Shah at Shekherhat
  • Old Municipal building
  • Hazrat Daud Sha Mazar
  • Mia Bari Mosque
  • Guava market
  • City Park
  • Gabkhan Bridge
  • Kirttipasa Landlord House
  • Tank of Beshanai Mallik
  • Sujabad Kella
  • Civil Court Building
  • Tara Temple
  • Zamindar Bari (Baroikaran)
  • Surichora Jami Mosque (Mughal period)
  • Sujabad Qilla (Mughal period)
  • Jibonanda das Mothers Home

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