How to go Sundarbans from Dhaka


Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world which spans between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh consists of more than 60% of the forest rest of the consists of India’s state of West Bengal. The UNESCO has declared the forest as a World Heritage Sites to protect it. It is located on the bank of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers in the Bay of Bengal. The forest belongs 290 bird, 120 fish, 42 mammals, 35 reptile and eight amphibian species.

I dreamed off from early life to visit the World Heritage Sundarbans but I could not fulfill my dream at my age 30. In 2019, I finally decided, I have to visit the place. I have been working as an apprentice lawyer in a chamber adjust to Bangladesh Supreme Court so getting time was a big question to me. However, in the vacation of Eid Ul Adha, we hired a micro to visit Sundarbans.

Start Journey:

The Sundarbans is located in more than 300 kilometers away from Dhaka, Bangladesh. We kicked off the journey from Dhaka airport at around 1.00 a.m through a micro. It is a group of 10 people, reached Mawa Ferry Ghat at 2.30 a.m but there was huge traffic in this day we have to wait 7-8 hours for the ferry. We take a taste fresh Hilsa in the Fery Ghat’s hotel that was enjoyable moments for us. In the morning at 10.30 a.m, we got a ferry and cross the Padma river.

In the other side of Padma, there is a nice and wide road which is amazing and totally different from the rest of the country. It seems to be you as a foreign location. Our micro is going on the wide road toward Bagerhat. Earlier we decided to stay a night in Bagerhat near Khan Jahan Ali Mazar Sharif.

We reached Bagerhat in the evening, reaching here we booked four-room in a hotel by only BDT 600  per room. Then I take a shower in the hotel, after taking a short rest, get out of the hotel to take dinner. There are a few numbers of restaurants near Khan Jahan Ali Mazar, in fact, lack of good quality food but enough to adapt the situation. However, we take our dinner at only BDT 100. Then we going to sleep at around 10.00 a.m as we are all so much tired.

After wake up in the morning, we take our breakfast and started the journey at 9.30 a.m to Sundarbans. It is only around 37 kilometers away from Khan Jahan Ali Mazar to Mongla. We reached Mongla Ghat after around 40 minutes journey. Then we hired a local boat by BDT 2,200 to go Karamjal point of Sundarban. It is a one hour journey from the Mongla ghat to Karamjal point.

Finally, we reached in the World biggest mangrove forest Sundarbans that was an amazing feeling. We roam the Sundarbans taking pictures and doing a lot of things. We entered inside the forest through a temporary wooden bridge which a excellent bridge to enjoy the scenario of Sundarbans.

Bridge Inside Sundarbans

Then we get up in the watchtower to see the beauty of the forest. I purchased honey in the forest but examining the honey found it was duplicate. So be careful in purchasing honey in the forest. We get out of the forest after nearly two hours visit.

Then our boat going to amid a canal that was a mindblowing memory in my life. We going inside of Sundarbans through a canal. Earlier we collect permission and a gunman from the authority to visit the canals.

After completing the forest journey we returned safely in the Mongla ghat but we face stormy weather in the sea during going to the Sundarbans while we coming the sea was calm. Later we know, from an elder brother who works in Bangladesh Navy in Mongla that when we went to Sundarbans there was a dangerous sign of 3, Almighty save us. Reaching in the Mongla Ghat, we take our lunch at only BDT 120 per person.

We got a chance to visit a warship of Bangladesh Navy in reference to the elder brother that was also a brand new experience in life.

One can go Sundarban from Dhaka by bus, train, or private car. If you want to go by bus, first of all, come to Mongla, then Mongla ghat to Karamjal point of Sundarban.

Inside Sundarbans

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