Bangabandhu Safari Park | Best Tourist Place near Dhaka

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is an amazing tourist place nearby Dhaka that gives you a real touch of nature amid city life. Near the Dhaka city, you will find the genuine causeway environment to refresh your mind. It is designed attractively so tourists enjoy the total Safari Park without any hassle. The park is located nearby Dhaka in Gazipur district, Sreepur Thana. It is approximately 52 kilometers away from Dhaka city. The park extended 3810 acres area in the forest. There are more than 2000 different types of animals. I have a personal tour in the safari park.

Bangabandhu Safari Park
Bangabandhu Safari Park

Safari Park Main Attraction:

The main attraction of the park is to see open lion & tiger with the park’s operated bulletproof car by 100 TK ticket. That is the most adventurous feelings in the park, likely afraid you during the tour. You may face a long line to collect the ticket, so it will be wise to stand at first when you enter the park otherwise you may not able to see the most attractive spot. With the protection car, you can see Deer, Monkey, ladybug & Crocodiles. Don’t disturb them and take some snaps.

Difference between Safari Park and Zoo:

The zoo is the place where animals are confined and people are free. On the contrary, Safari Park maintains a total opposite environment from the zoo where people are confined and animal are free. The real causeway environment is seen in the safari park. So, the safari park is better than the zoo to enjoy the real view of different species of animals.

Inside of the Safari Park:

The park is extending in large among a forest. When enter you in the park tiger, lion, kangaroo and even dinosaur welcome you. Don’t worry these are not real, sculptures indeed for welcoming the visitor. The park is vast most of the visitors are unable to roam the whole park. At now, more than 31 local and international are found in the park.

Fancy Duck Garden:

This is another great area of the safari park. Get a boat in the garden to see natural beauty; through the boat, you can see big black swans and white swans. During boating keep your eyes in various kinds of birds.

Through the lake never mistake to visit the area of crocodile, emu, and ostrich. Make another trip to see python and various reptiles. Never forget to peacock.

Elephant Riding in Safari Park:

Elephant riding is a great opportunity if you come to the safari park, never miss the chance. it will entertain you really. Elephant’s caretaker will help you to ride the elephant. So the adventurous experiment you can take easily in the Bangabandhu Safari Park.

Nature History Museum:

The museum is a great place for the student and researcher. Various types of 200 species are kept in the museum. The authority builds up an herbarium combine about 300 types of trees. This is a great place for the learner to acquire knowledge.

Gazipur Safari Park Ticket Price

  1. Adult Per Person- 50 TK
  2. Infant Per Person- 20 Tk
  3. Students Under 15 Years- 10 TK
  4. Student Group Tour (40-100)- 400 TK
  5. Student Group Tour Above 100 Student – 800 TK
  6. Foreigner- 5 USD

Parking Fee:

  1. Bus/ Coach/ Truck- 200 TK
  2. Minibus/ Microbus- 100 TK
  3. Car/ Jeep- 60 TK
  4. Auto Rickshaw/ CNG- 20 TK

Visiting Safari Park with Car Inside:

– Safari Jeep (Child) – 50 TK
– Safari Jeep (Adult) – 100 TK
– Bus- 100 TK

Aviary Entry Fee of Bangabandhu Safari Park:

-Parrot Aviary- 10 TK
-Dhonesh Aviary- 10 TK
-Pheasant Aviary- 10 TK

Gallery Entry Fee of Bangabandhu Safari Park:

-Macao Birds Gallery- 10 TK
-Marine Aquarium Gallery- 10 TK
-Fancy Duck Garden Gallery- 10 TK
-Bird Show Gallery- TK 20 TK
-Elephant Gallery- 20 TK

Bangabandhu Safari Park Other Fee:

-Paddle Boat Trip (Half-Hour) – 200 TK
-Mini Train- 10 TK
-Roller Coaster- 20 TK
-Merry Go Round- 10 TK
-Paratrooper- 10 TK
-Children Park- 10 TK
-Nature Observation Centre- 20
-Public Toilet- 5

*Above mentioned fees are defined by the Bangladesh Government and subject to change without prior notice.

Some Instruction to Follow in the Gazipur Safari Park:

  • Throw wastage in the dustbin
  • Cigarette packet, wastage paper, and bottle keep in dustbin
  • Don’t get out from running a car inside the lion and tiger area
  • Don’t make noise in the park
  • Don’t give any food to the animals
  • Don’t take outside food.
  • Don’t tease animals.
  • Take prior permission, to use the guest house.
  • Park your transport in a disciplined way.


The Safari Park is not allowed outside food, there are restaurants inside the park these are Lion Restaurant & Tiger Restaurant. Food items are limited in this restaurant you can find good quality biriyani and all kinds of soft drinks. During taking food in these restaurants you will be able to see lion and tiger which is certainly is a great experience.

Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur Address:

The safari park located at the Mawna Union, Sreepur Thana under Gazipur district. It is only 52 kilometers away from the capital of Bangladesh

How to go Gazipur Safari Park:

The park is just near to Dhaka; first of all, you have to go Gazipur Chowrasta from Dhaka. Step forward along the Mymenshing Highway road and stop at Bagher Bazar. The distance is between Gazipur Chowrasta and Bagher Bazar about 23 kilometers.

Then you have to choose the west side path from the road. By using rickshaw or CNG you can reach the park. From Bagher Bazar the road is three kilometers away.

Gazipur Safari Park off Day:

Tuesday is the closing day of the park. Except the day park is open 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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