Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong

Patenga is a beautiful sea beach in Bangladesh and a wonderful tourist destination. It is located near the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. The sea beach is 270 km away from Dhaka city and only 15 km away from the port city Chittagong. It is very close to Shah Amanat International Airport and Bangladesh Naval Academy.

Patenga Sea Beach
Patenga Sea Beach

It is considered one of the best sea beaches after Cox’s Bazar. The sea beach was severely damaged by the 1991 cyclone, now the part of the seashore is built-up with concrete walls. It is a great place to enjoy sunsets and sunrises in Bangladesh.

How to Go:

Form Chittagong city to go Patenga is very easy, you can go by bus or CNG.


On the sea beach, food is very delicious and cheap. There are several restaurants on the seashore where you can find delicious food at cheap price.


Accommodation facilities are not properly available on the sea beach. I recommended to the tourist to stay Chittagong main city during the visit Patenga sea beach.


Before going to the Patenga sea beach keep with you enough money because there are no bank facilities or ATM facilities. Only mobile banking Bkash is available here.

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