Moinot Ghat | Tourist Destination Near Dhaka

If you want to make a short trip to get free from busy city life, Moinot Ghat may be the right place for you. It is located at Dohar a very near Dhaka only 61 kilometers away from the capital of Bangladesh. in the tourist destination, the beauty of Padma River will impress you very much and you can eat fresh Hilsha in the location.

Moinot Ghat
Moinot Ghat

How to go:

Moinot Ghat is very near to Dhaka one can go there by bus or private car. From Gulistan Golap Shah’s Mazar bus service is available at only 90 TK per person, within two and half hour the bus reaches the destination. One can go there by private car, that is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way.

Mini Cox’s Bazar:

Besides the Moinot Ghat, especially to the east side, there is the extensive ‘Char’ and at the front side the wide Padma. Being impressed by the beauty of Moinot Ghat people began to call it mini Cox’s Bazar.

Hangout Padma:

One can hang out in the heart of Padma by small boat or speedboat. You can hire a speedboat for half-hour at price 2000-2500 TK where eight people easily roam the Padma river. Besides, there is an engine boat which charges 250-800 taka where 20-25 people will roam the river.

Be Careful:

During hang out the river, you should wear a life jacket for protection because in the rainy & autumn season suddenly rose the waves in the river. So it will not be wise to go with the little boat in the Padma river.

Fresh Fish:

At the time of hangout the river you may get the fishing boat amid the Padma river, so, in that case, didn’t delay to purchase the fresh fish from the fisherman.


In the restaurant of Moinot Ghat, the taste of hilsa can be taken. In addition, near the ghat in Karthikpur Bazar, good food facilities are available.

Other vestiges of Nawabganj:

The evening is the perfect time to hang out the Moinot Ghat and can be seen the sunset at that time. Earlier in the morning on the way, you can get down from the car at Nawabganj to see old buildings of the place such as Judge Home, Historic Gandhi Field, Ancient Places, N. House and Jagabandhu Saha House. In addition, Japmala Queen’s church can be seen.

Stay at Night:

At present, there are no good accommodation facilities to stay at night in the Ghat. As it, near Dhaka, it is wise to come in day and go back. If one goes there with the own car, it will be a comfortable journey. In that case, you will get a chance to see the other establishments near Moinot Ghat.

Don’t throw Dirt Anywhere:

It is our responsibility to keep clean the tourist place. Definitely, you will not like if see dirt around the place during your visit. So don’t throw dirt everywhere like bottles, chips packet, and biscuits. You should keep it clean and encouraged others to do it.

Have a nice journey

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