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Foy’s Lake is a wonderful tourist destination of the port city Chittagong. It is an artificial lake in the northern part of Chittagong which actually located at Pahartali. The lake was made intentionally by British railway engineer Mr. Foy to provide water to the railway colony. It was named as Foy’s Lake after the name British Engineer. At the owner of the lake is Bangladesh Railway. The nice-looking artificial lake is located on around 336 acres land. There is the highest mountain of the Chittagong city Baitali hill beside the lake.

Foy's Lake
Foy’s Lake

A leading construction firm of Bangladesh Concord builds up an entertainment park centering the park where visitors can travel boat and see hill tracks as well as the beauty of the Chittagong city from the highest pick of the hill. Besides, a tourist can stay here for a night hiring a cottage inside the lake. I think the journey by boat inside the lake is the most enjoyable option for the tourist. Concord frequently organize the concert in the lake certainly amuse the tourist. Actually, the natural beauty of the lake can enchant any tourist easily. So if you have time please visit the lake.

Ticket Price:

Foys Lake Entry- 200 TK (For Kids – 180 TK)

Entry + 3 Rides Once- 280 TK (For Kids – 200 TK) except boat rides

Entry + All Rides Once + Pepsi / Ice-Cream- 300 TK (For Kids – 250 TK)

Entry + Lake Cruise + Grill Chicken- 300 TK (For Kids – 350TK)

Entry + All Rides Once + Lunch/Dinner- 550 TK (For Kids – 550 TK)

All Rides Once Inside the Park- 200 TK (For Kids – 120 TK)

Resorts Rent Price:

Platinum – BDT 6500-8000 (Additional Person 1500 TK)

Gold – BDT 5500-7000 (Additional Person 1500 TK)

Silver- BDT 4500 (Additional Person Not Allowed)

Opening Time: Morning at 10.00 AM
Closing Time: 7.00 PM
Weekend Closed at 8.00 PM

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