Dhaka to Kolkata by Bus, Train or Air-How Much Cost

Kolkata is the first choice for the Bangladeshi tourist. There are several ways to go Kolkata such as by bus, train or air. Every day thousands of visitors go to Kolkata for different purpose such as business, traveling or medical treatment. One can go Kolkata very easily from Dhaka, Bangladesh as above three traveling ways are available. Bangladeshi’s are got the easiest way for traveling India when Benapole border opens for tourist in the late 1990s.

Dhaka to Kolkata by Bus

How to get Indian Visa

To visit any country, first of all, you need a certain country’s visa. Today get an Indian visa is very easy as the whole system is under online. There is no need to take the help of a broker to submit the application form in the embassy. One can submit an Indian visa application form through the link https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ correctly fill-up the form and submit.  After submission please take a print of the submitted form. Now you have to submit a print copy of the application form to the embassy directly.  Instantly you get a date to face embassy during submission of the form, normally within 5-8 days you get a date after online application.

  • Avoid mistakes during fill up an application form, all information must be the same with a passport.
  • Choose your border through which you go to Kolkata.
  • It is wise to choose the Haridaspur border and air to get access to Benapole border and air traveling.
  • Often from the embassy is giving a call so keep active your mobile phone.
  • Submit your application form in a specific date mentioned on the print copy.
  • Come early in the Indian visa office around at 7.30 am as they start taking application form at 8.30 am at Gulshan 1, near Shooting Club.
  • During entering in visa office a token number will be given and further activities will do according to the token.
  • Then take the submission receipt.
  • Visa gets or not within 2 days they will return your passport.
  • Visa application fee 400 BDT

Essential Documents

  • Attach a passport size photograph in a certain place of application form with gum and give your signature under the photo and 2nd page.
  • Signature has to be same with the passport.
  • You have to submit a citizenship certificate, national ID card, WASA bill/Electricity Bill/ in support address, endorsement certificate, Office/Education Institute/Business Organization’s certificate in support of your profession. Submit an original copy of the above mention all documents and a set of photocopy. Only two photocopies of National ID card is enough. All original copy you will get with Visa. There is no need to attested all photocopies.
  • You can submit the family member’s form and collect it, in that case, must show off your passport or National ID card. If want to take someone else’s form is required authorization letter.
  • There are photocopy facilities inside the Visa center.
  • You are not allowed to enter into the Visa center with bags and there are no facilities to keep this outside so do not bring these items.
  • Without a passport and visa, cannot take one day’s baby with you, they need a separate visa.
  • In the form have a section of location address abroad, there is nothing to worry about it, provide a knowing hotel or other address.
  • USD 150 have to endorsed for a tourist visa. They will not check your dollar only see the certificate, so take an endorsement certificate from a bank or any legal money exchanger.

Take Your Passport

Now take your passport on a specific date which giving you during submitting application paper. Come in early to take a passport as you get a passport as you early come.

Whether it’s for one or three months, keep in mind time will start to count after your entering in India.

Now you decide how to go to India, there are three ways to go such as by bus, air or train. We will discuss these three types of systems.

By Bus:

There are several bus services from Dhaka to Kolkata. First of all, BRTC and Shyamoli joint venture bus service by which you can reach Kolkata directly. Need not get down from bus anywhere in this system but need your huge time, in the meantime, you can reach Kolkata.

Secondly, Shyamoli, Sohag, Saudia, and Green Line provide direct ticket in two sections one is Dhaka to Benapole and another is Petrapole to Kolkata.

Thirdly, one can go Benapole directly from Dhaka by any bus service, following border cross can go Petrapole to Kolkata by own responsibility. In that case, the cost will be minimizing.

By Maitree Express-

If you have any port entry and exit, you can go to India by Maitree Express. There given bellow time and schedule of Maitree Express.

Maitree train left Dhaka at 8:10 am from Dhaka Cantonment Station and left from Kolkata, Chitpur at 7:10 am.

You must buy a ticket from Kamlapur station as tickets will not get anywhere else.

It is possible to get a return ticket from Kamlapur station, however, only 20% return ticket is given from Kamlapur. So you are lucky if get a return ticket.

You have to take your train ticket minimum 30 days before, two or three days ago you may not get a ticket.

Only three days in a week the train up and down respectively from Dhaka and Kolkata.

Dhaka to Kolkata: Friday (train no-3107), Saturday (train no-3110), Sunday (train no-3107), Wednesday (train no- 3110).

Kolkata to Dhaka: Saturday (train no-3108), Monday (train no-3108), Tuesday (train no-3109), Wednesday (train no- 3110), Friday (train no-3109).

It will need about 12 hours to reach 400 kilometers way from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Ticket price- Dhaka to Kolkata train service is very cheap so most of the tourist chose the train service regarding visit India.

AC First Class Cabin- USD 20+ 15% VAT+ 450 BDT travel tax (1640+246+540) =2426 BDT.

AC Chair Car- USD 12+ 15% VAT+ 450 BDT travel tax (984+246+540) =1770 BDT

There is a 50% discount for 1-5-year-old child.

One passenger can carry about 30 KG of baggage. You will be extra charge USD 2 until 50 KG, above 50 KG, you will be charged USD 10. It is wise not to carry overweight luggage.

By Air:

One can go to India by Bangladesh Biman, Regent Airways, United Airlines, and Jet Airways. It will only take 45 minutes to reach Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata and fare four to eight thousand takas.

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