Cox’s Bazar Longest Sea Beach of the World

Cox’s Bazar is the most visited tourist destination of Bangladesh which is unbroken 120 km of the sandy sea beach. It is a district city, a fishing port, and a tourism center where millions of people visit every year. The sea beach is the most desirable tourist place for the Bangladesh people as well as international tourists. I think it is a world-class place for passing time with enjoyment.

Cox's Bazar Longest Sea Beach of the World
Cox’s Bazar Longest Sea Beach of the World

There have good infrastructure facilities for the tourist. The Cox’s Bazar is named after the name of Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer of the British India Company. It is a place where natural beauty is unlimited that certainly will enchant you widely.

How to Go:

The longest sea beach is away 414 km from Dhaka city and 152 km away from Chittagong city. From Dhaka, one can go by bus or Airbus. A project has been taken for the rail line until Cox’s Bazar. You can find a direct bus from any bus counter of Dhaka such as Sayedabad, Gabtoli, and Mohakhali.


Food is very delicious at the sea beach where you will find different types of food such as sea fish at a very cheap price. If you want within 100 TK, you can finish your lunch or dinner.

Accommodation under BDT 300:

There are highly comfortable and also cheap accommodation facilities are available. Now I tell you a secret about how you can spend a night in a hotel under BDT 300. Everybody knows Cox’s Bazar is the largest sea beach in Bangladesh and lots of visitors come here every single day, so the beach passes a busy schedule every day. Nevertheless, there are some options to pass a day in Cox’s Bazar with the lowest money.

My secret tips are you have to avoid public holidays to visit Cox’s Bazar with the lowest budget. It is simple, in the public holidays, there are lots of tourists and the price of accommodation remain high in these days. When you are planning to visit the sea beach, you should choose Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday. These days, there has the lowest amount of tourists so you can find everything at a cheap price. During taking a room in the hotel, keeps in mind about brokers and try to avoid the brokers. In that case, you should communicate with the hotel’s manager directly and bargain with the manager about the room price.

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Cox’s Bazar is also famous to the tourist for dry fish and Burmese catchup. On the sea beach, you can buy dry fish and Burmese catchup at an affordable price.

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